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Hello fellow Novo Collegians!

I guess you’ve all heard about what’s going down in South Dakota. The abortion ban is up for a vote this November and money is pouring into the state from anti-choicers everywhere who’d like to one day see Roe overturned.

So NEXT Saturday (9/30) at 7:00pm in the FISHBOWL, VOX and FMLA will be having a Potluck for South Dakota! It’s a good excuse to see you all and share a meal. PLUS, if we each pitch in $5-$20, it’s at least SOMETHING to show the women of South Dakota that we’re standing with them right now.

Just RSVP at http://www.standupsd.com/page/event/detail/wxw and let me know if you can make it and what you’d like to bring!
And if you can’t come, please think about making a contribution (you can donate on the website) and we will be coming around room to room to collect donations next week. Every dollar goes straight to South Dakota!

Hope to see you there!

Naomi Ardjomandkermani VOX & FMLA

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