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I still have your letters saved from that lovely summer...

uhoh, mmhmm i like you.

“let’s love and save the postal service at the same time, print it ladies”

this is me this morning.

sometimes i just need a good vibe from a long distance or a warm smile from a close proximity.

and sometimes I require more than that.

Sometimes I need a partner in my bed, and sometimes I need to wake up alone, but most mornings i wish there was someone laying within that empty space, and on those mornings I need something more.

more to me is the tangible reality of friendships, the things that demonstrate effort/care/worth ((imo always and forever, of course.)) to me that comes in the form of having something to look forward to/too.

care packages are akin to this but those are grandiose. I need something simpler than a gesture of that kind. I need chain mail more than the junk mail offering home services on the regular. I can log into facebook 24/7 but how often can i count on a smile in the mailbox? I’m talking about the one in my drive way, not the one accessed by my hard-drive.

Most days, I’m driving manual and on those daze I need a little extra incentive to keep at it. Because moment by moment in this day and AGE ain’t gonna ressurect the dinosaurs in my heart ‘cause it’s become the semblance of glitter and black dust, the ash of my lungs mixed with the purple glitter on my tongue and the tinted (menthol) chap i faithfully apply to my pucker…..

but! i’m sick of blowing kisses in the mirror wishing for something to be dearer/nearer to the deer I used to feed in the keys, because that shit tended my soul. I miss the swimming hole but most of the time my ankles are stuck in quicksand and there’s seldom a reprieve from the mainland.

The pipelines aren’t cutting it and the modern way sucks the life from my veins. So send me a letter or leave me a note in the physical world so i can hold it in my hands and have something to do when I’m just too tired for crying over spilt milk and the cigarettes are but mere tokens of my eventual death to which I deposit frequently.

c’mon baby make me smile and I’ll try and do the same, every once and awhile.



BY THE WAY: I am talking to each and everyone of you. Find a way to send me something leaving a method of response and I will guarantee to do the same.

((eventually, I don’t want no pressure but from me expect it frequently, i need an outlet in which to plug my self- like whoa…))

pps: you could show me love through the techno means too, i’mma do it to you i just seldom have the patience for my nervous breakdowns around technological appliance/electricity- a self with too much apprehensivity.

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