Epitome Wall

The Gentlemen of Dort 301: David Banks, Nick Cerabino, Matt Norton and Bill Yanelli welcome you to join them in the Centre of the Universe at the Usual Time for the meta-wall that will combine all of the usual suspects:

Michael Jackson (Black and White)
Daft Punk
Hot Hot Heat
Le Tigre
And some Umpa Lumpas, a bananaphone, and a song that gives a big FUCK YOU to the MPAA.

And thanks to your generous donations, there will be a generous amount of beverages.

-db, nc, mn, by
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I'm buying textbooks off of

The first time I did this, an order of maybe 5 books, it worked fine. Now that my classes are more finalized, I went back to buy the rest, and there is something wrong with my check card.

I would call the bank to clear this up, but my parents decided a cell phone was unnecessary in college and our dorm phone doesn't work.


Anyone have a cell phone I can borrow for 5-15 minutes?
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hi first years,
i hope you are getting settled &stoked re: new college.
the resident advisors have been prancing around in silly costumes for a few dayszzz now planning an ra skit that we hope will further familarize ya'll with our role on campus,
so i was hoping you'd come &also not boo us out of sudakoff.

8pm tonight,
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Your ridiculous RAs have been planning and perfecting a performance for your enjoyment, and trust us - you don't want to miss it!





Hey guys I need some help with my computer. I got a virus/worm through AIM yesterday, oddly enough through another NCF student. My norton Anti-virus is deleteing the file immediately and then seconds later it tells me that it has deleted a similar file which is the same virus. It seems to be hiding out and creating new files when the old one is deleted. i have no idea what to do here. I'm in Pei 127 if ANYONE can give me some help.