Epitome Wall

The Gentlemen of Dort 301: David Banks, Nick Cerabino, Matt Norton and Bill Yanelli welcome you to join them in the Centre of the Universe at the Usual Time for the meta-wall that will combine all of the usual suspects:

Michael Jackson (Black and White)
Daft Punk
Hot Hot Heat
Le Tigre
And some Umpa Lumpas, a bananaphone, and a song that gives a big FUCK YOU to the MPAA.

And thanks to your generous donations, there will be a generous amount of beverages.

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I'm buying textbooks off of

The first time I did this, an order of maybe 5 books, it worked fine. Now that my classes are more finalized, I went back to buy the rest, and there is something wrong with my check card.

I would call the bank to clear this up, but my parents decided a cell phone was unnecessary in college and our dorm phone doesn't work.


Anyone have a cell phone I can borrow for 5-15 minutes?
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hi first years,
i hope you are getting settled &stoked re: new college.
the resident advisors have been prancing around in silly costumes for a few dayszzz now planning an ra skit that we hope will further familarize ya'll with our role on campus,
so i was hoping you'd come &also not boo us out of sudakoff.

8pm tonight,
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Your ridiculous RAs have been planning and perfecting a performance for your enjoyment, and trust us - you don't want to miss it!





Hey guys I need some help with my computer. I got a virus/worm through AIM yesterday, oddly enough through another NCF student. My norton Anti-virus is deleteing the file immediately and then seconds later it tells me that it has deleted a similar file which is the same virus. It seems to be hiding out and creating new files when the old one is deleted. i have no idea what to do here. I'm in Pei 127 if ANYONE can give me some help.

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Hello Everyone! Hope you're enjoying Orientation Week.

Tonight we'll be watching the movie PCU at 10pm in the Teaching Auditorium (aka Hamilton Center Classroom 8- it's the last room in that line of rooms beginning at Student Affairs). If you see it, you'll find out how very much the (fictional) university in the movie is similar to New College!

BYOB (and popcorn, if you so wish).
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