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I think I woke up three times and actually got out of bed, I NEVER do that.

So who else couldn't sleep?

Maybe I should go drink my coffee and read the paper. (in the new college parking lot). shhhhhhhh

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who has a cassette player? anyone want to listen to a crazy allen ginsberg poetry reading really loud with me?

tea parties?

dance parties?


experimental films?

i'm scared. i'm excited.

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Dude I'm going to go sit in Rico's. It's on 41 just south of the school. If you come in and you see a girl on a laptop, say hi, because I'm super-shy. I'm in Panera now (but it's closing) and a shitload of NCF kids just came in but I don't have the balls to say anything.
  • kiwi24

Hey Novo kids!

This is Serena your lovely orientation leader who would just like to warn  you guys that around 1 till 8 pm there will be isolated thunderstorms occuring in sarasota! yIKES!
I highly encourage that you and your families try to come to New College before it beings to rain. We'll be helping you guys and gals move in tomorrow but due to construction there are a lot of fences that have fenced off Pei as well as the Dort and Goldstein apartments. 

We've already had some rain fall this past week and because of it the area where the gates are opened for you guys to park your cars close to First court has gotten pretty mudy. If it is raining by the time you come I would suggest that you not drive through the gates on the grass in front of first court because your car just might get stuck. 

Oh yeah and when it begins to rain the outside tiles surrounding the Pei courts, a.k.a. "tiles of death", become very slippery. Try to wear shoes that have some type of skid resitance on the bottom. For instance sneakers are good but stilletos, pumps, and flip flops are baaaaad. All of that hot mess belongs in the club. If you do wear flip flops you'll most likely fall along with all of your heavy dorm stuff that you are carrying to your room. And for your safety as well as your parents we wouldn't want that to happen.

We are all finished with our training and are overly excited to meet all of you!!!!

Welcome to New College first years:)!!!  




And I am in Sarasota, who else is here, who wants to do something. It's sunday afternoon, I am sort of tired, but more bored, so someone get together with me.

I'm staying two minutes from school, and I can pick you up.