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i went from being unconditionally excited and anticipating my arrival to anxious nervous fear and reluctance to change in a few days. EMPATHY PLEASE.

i love you all and can't wait to see you in two days

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i've spent several hours driving from orlando to sarasota in a convertible (and as a result, i can't feel my face), but i'm finally in FLORIDA! i've taken to pronouncing it "flow-da". so. who else is in flowda already?
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Hi, I'm Anna. I'm primarily from Tennessee, was born in Louisiana, and have spent the last three years living in New York (Manhattan) with my half-brother. My mom is in Florida, though. I'm new to live journal, just deleted my myspace, and have commitment issues with online things. I love chocolate and nut butters, my favorites being macadamia nut butter with honey in the comb and cashew butter with brown rice syrup. I smile pretty much all the time, and I tend to leave out words whenever I write. I don't have many structured activities, but I love going on a few mile long walks (I can't drive), trying to cook (particularly soup), making envelopes, and brainstorming. I love to make other people happy and am told I give a damn good head scratch. I also scratch backs, arms, and pretty much anywhere else, including other people's bugbites, so if you need it, don't hesitate to ask. I'm to room in pei 129.

Late Intro Post

I'm Meagan, staying with Makeila and Rebecca in PEI. My mentor will be Don Colladay, Professor of the great field of Physics.

I love all types of music, love Astronomy, and I have the nasty habit of talking to anyone about anything. And my friend just came over for a morning swim so I'm gonna go jump in the pool :)
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Hey New College,

My name is Sam and I really like radio.

In case anyone didn't know already, New College shares a radio station with the community of Sarasota! It's called WSLR--Sarasota Liberation Radio--and you can hear it at 96.5 FM. Check it out online at It took several years, but it looks like we've finally raised enough money to get a proper radio tower so we can fulfill our 100 Watt destiny.

Last semester there were TOO FEW often do you hear that? It's pretty easy to get your own show format-free music show. Or if you're up to it you can even do a non-music show. Last year a friend and I did a show called THE SPLIT LP, a Free Jazz and Punk Rock show. There is basically no end to what you can do (within the FCC guidelines, of course); someone once had a show in which he played records bought at Goodwill and gave traffic reports of the Winn-Dixie parking lot across the street. The sky is the limit. If you're interested in a show you should email Arlene Sweeting, the station manager, at agsweeting (at) yahoo (dot) com.

The station is located on the northeast corner US 41 and Myrtle just next to the gas station. It's inside of what used to be a house and, last time I was there, wasn't marked from the outside. But if you're in the SRQ now, go knock on their door and get acquainted! They're nice.

There will also be an on-campus production suite in Ham Center, but all broadcasts will be off campus.

I will be studying documentary radio in Portland, Maine, this coming semester, but I've had this pipe dream for a while of forming a creative radio collective at New College. I will probably hold some kind of workshop on documentary radio with the station sometime in late January/early February, so keep your ears to the ground. And in the air.

sam o. destructo

=End transmission=
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I have a super great question because I don't understand much of anything. In the course schedual if it says a class is on say M,R...what the fuck does the R mean. I've spend a lot of time trying to determine this...and I really just don't know.



Right. Well. Er... I hate this. The sort of "HEY HELLO THERE I AM ME TAKE A LOOK IT'S ME" process.

But her... Hey. Hello there. I am me. Take a look. It's me. (See, that looks even worse with proper punctuation.)

Name's Jon A Stevens, and no, the Jon isn't short for anything but yes, the A is. (And of course you can call me Jon, but for some reason lots of people have decided to call me Jon Stevens. Likely because Jon is a common name. But I digress.)

I'm technically a biochemistry major, but I plan on switching to foreign relations as soon as I can make it official, and my ideal class schedule for semester one is only tangentially related to either field. I'm going to be based in Pei 121, but I plan to move around a bit, as I live in Sarasota and will thus be spending many a night at friends' domiciles.

If you need advice as to where things are in the city, I have 17 years of experience navigating the place. I can show you all the best book stores, coffee shops (Only one name you need to know and that's Big E's. On US 41-- same as NCF-- and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.) and whatnot. Also, I have a car. So I can ferry. Provided you give me, like, a dollar for gas. Or a cup of coffee. Or a pack of ramen. I don't like to deal in money with friends; I much prefer goods and services. More people owe me coffee than owe me money and I'm proud of that.

In any event, I'm generally the stereotypical Jolly Fat Man, and I love to carouse, drunkenly or soberly, with a group of people over a game of Scrabble or President or Apples to Apples for hours. I'm a recovering musical theatre actor who doesn't want to fully recover, so if you hear a baritone burst loudly and not entirely in key into showtunes... That's me.

I hope to meet as many of you all as I can at orientation, and we can fill in the gaps afterwards, I guess. See yaz!


uh oh... for real

i haven't started packing yet
i don't know who my advisor is because i'm traveling
i haven't checked my ncf email in ages
i haven't looked into the orientation schedule
i haven't talked to one of my roomies
i'm not prepared at all.
i'm screwed!